The majority of the Practice’s case load is in relation to specific schemes, where a close working relationship is established with clients. Ancillary matters often arise which require urgent advice, during perhaps the discharge of conditions stage or implementation, or in seeking amendments and understanding the implications of these changes.

For established clients, Red Kite can provide supplementary advice on these consequential issues rapidly, or where necessary recommend sources of advice on more complex issues. Where appropriate, Counsel’s Opinion can be sought on behalf of clients.


Chartered Town Planners are able to have direct access to Barristers, without needing an intermediary legal representative.

Red Kite Development Consultancy can identify a relevant legal expert on planning matters, provide a formal Brief with supporting documentation and set out the necessary questions, and develop the brief in discussion with Counsel to enable an Opinion to be produced which meets client needs.

With regard to representation at Planning Inquiries, experience has shown that a ‘good fit’ between clients and their representatives is essential on important projects.  Red Kite will advise clients on situations where a Barrister would be necessary to maximise the chances of success in presentation of the case, and will undertake all necessary instructions and liaison.

Clients will be expected to meet all Barristers fees directly, invoiced by the Clerk to Chambers. Good rates can usually be negotiated with certain Chambers.


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